At iComply Oklahoma, our mission is to offer compliance-conscious clients meaningful and comprehensive support, surpassing typical service expectations.

Our services include comprehensive compliance audits, ensuring strict adherence to regulations, and pinpointing areas for enhancement. Specializing in inventory management audits, particularly for METRC (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance) systems, we enable businesses to maintain precise records and uphold state regulations. Moreover, our hourly METRC reconciliation services align internal records with the system for precise reporting. Our expertise ensures cultivators and dispensaries in Oklahoma not only become compliant but also maintain compliance, steering clear of potential penalties.

The following vital services fall within our expertise and are essential to the cannabis industry.


Dispensary and Cultivation Audits

Compliance Education

Inventory Management Audits

METRC Reconciliations

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    Donnie is a Marine Corps Veteran and the founder of iComply Oklahoma. Upon completing his active-duty service in 2022, he accepted a position as a Compliance Inspector for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA), where he discovered his passion for regulatory education. During his 5-month tenure, Donnie identified numerous opportunities to assist Oklahoma small business owners; in March of 2023, he left the Authority and began building a program to fill the gap in regulatory education.

    Motivated by the lack of transparency and countless interactions with passionate licensees. Donnie teamed up with Mark and iComply to educate and support all Cannabis Business Owners across Oklahoma.

    Donnie’s goal is to foster a Compliance based mindset that removes the power from the regulatory body and allows his fellow Oklahomans to take control of the future of their businesses.