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We know how much our clients value compliance. We take cannabis businesses to the next level by empowering owners, investors, and workers to lead the industry by example.

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Cannabis compliance is often confusing and always complex. Whether our clients are starting a cannabis business, are unsure of risky pitfalls, or are in need of mitigating legal vulnerabilities, we make the difference in actually being compliant. We also support governments in developing, implementing, and managing cannabis regulatory models.

When it comes to cannabis policy, regulation, and operational compliance, our staff has the experience and insight to implement excellence in the industry effectively. Our solutions help our clients validate compliance and operate with peace of mind.

Why iComply?

As stakeholders recognize the benefits of legalizing cannabis, choosing the right compliance guru is paramount to minimizing friction, promoting synergy, leveraging value, and avoiding costly mistakes. iComply is the most experienced and trusted brand in cannabis compliance since 2011 - embodying the expertise and qualities needed by cannabis companies worldwide.

Real Commitment

iComply exists to make the cannabis industry a model of safety, integrity, and professionalism. That commitment drives us to work with clients who share our vision, and we go the extra mile over the long-term to help them become and maintain the highest level of compliance.

Compliance Made Simple

Cannabis law is complex and still in its formative stages, changing frequently. Instead of navigating this shifting labyrinth alone, we are a trusted resource and guide for business clients and governments to meet and exceed regulatory expectations.

Experienced, Insightful Staff

We are the most experienced firm in the modern cannabis industry, founded in Colorado in 2011. Over that time, we’ve shaped the industry, defined regulatory standards, and strengthened hundreds of clients.

Responsive and Proactive

iComply personnel are part of our client’s team, and we are ready to respond to questions quickly. We stay ahead of the curve to send regular updates when regulations change and work proactively with our clients to update their operational compliance infrastructure.

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The programs we offer encompass most of the Macro and Micro levels of compliance management for all cannabis facilities. Our services range from training for frontline staff to audits, inventory reconciliation, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) reviews, and advanced certifications for executives and facilities.

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Once a client, our compliance experts will reach out personally to schedule and provide the most needed services. We schedule our work well in advance so that our clients can aim for specific compliance objectives and measures, and we work side-by-side to guide and exceed operational expectations.


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Testimonials from real customers
"It's definitely nice to know that somebody comes in to look at everything very meticulously. No matter what the regulators might be coming in to look for, we feel we have a strong foundation with how thoroughly iComply audits and checks everything in the store."
"Absolutely worth every penny. iComply not only makes sure that you comply and keep up with the regulations, but they are instrumental in making connections between companies to grow your business."

“They were able to take a complicated issue and break it down in layman's terms.”

“Spending a little bit today to help mitigate potential future risk on this large of an investment is a no-brainer. iComply is definitely invested in long-term contracts to ensure that your business stays compliant.”

“iComply has been an immense contribution both to the application process and to ensuring that all of the details are checked and crossed and that we comply with the rules and regulations of all markets.”

"We wouldn’t be operational without them. Thank you for providing us with outstanding service!"