Additional Services

Our goal at iComply is to provide compliance-conscious clients with the most relevant, effective, meaningful, and comprehensive compliance support. Often, this means going above and beyond the minimum service expectation. The following services are in our wheelhouse and are key to the cannabis industry.

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Government Consulting

iComply provides consulting services to government agencies involved in regulating the cannabis industry. This helps ensure that government regulations are well-informed and practical.

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Cannabis Banking

In an industry where traditional banking can be challenging, iComply assists clients in navigating cannabis-specific banking regulations and finding suitable financial solutions.

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OSHA Integration

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance is crucial for maintaining a safe work environment. iComply helps integrate OSHA standards into cannabis businesses.

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Business Applications

iComply aids clients in the preparation and submission of applications required for cannabis business licensing and permits.

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Safety GMP, cGAP, GHP

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Cannabis Good Agricultural Practices (cGAP), and Good Handling Practices (GHP) are essential for quality and safety. iComply assists in integrating these standards into operations.

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Expert Witness Services

iComply offers expert witness services in legal matters related to the cannabis industry, providing specialized knowledge and insights.

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International Compliance

For businesses operating in the global cannabis market, iComply guides international compliance standards and regulations.

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M & A and Due Diligence

iComply supports clients in M&A activities by conducting due diligence and ensuring compliance during business transitions.

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Business Development

Assistance in developing and expanding cannabis businesses, including market analysis and growth strategies.

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Facility Design & Drawings

iComply offers expertise in designing cannabis facilities that comply with regulations and optimize operations.

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Cannabis Industry Startups

For startups entering the cannabis industry, iComply provides tailored compliance solutions to establish a strong foundation.

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Quality Control

iComply helps businesses in the cannabis industry maintain and improve their quality control processes by aligning with regulatory standards such as CFR 21 and ISO 9001

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Our Mission

To protect the integrity of the cannabis business, to evolve its legitimacy, and to help our clients conquer compliance challenges by providing the most relevant, meaningful, and comprehensive compliance solutions and services in the market.