"I have a special relationship with iComply because they were our driving force and energy in helping us move forward once we found out that this industry was going legal here. It meant the world just knowing there was someone there that understood what it meant to guide you and help you and how to put it together."

"The most challenging thing for anyone is taking a step forward to tackle this industry because it is such a monster industry to tackle. You’ve got the federal government on the illegal side, then you’ve got the stateside regulations, and so iComply breaks that down in a very comprehensive way in their training courses and one-on-one. They were able to take a complicated issue and break it down in layman terms."

"As we know, regulation is constantly changing and iComply understands those changes. They have intimate relations with the lawmakers to help someone like myself understand what it takes to make and apply any changes that take place."

"I’ve always felt very comfortable and very safe knowing that Mark is a smart guy. He understands what needs to take place in order to move through this complicated and challenging industry. He has definitely helped us maneuver ourselves at various stages and I feel comfortable picking up the phone and going: “hey, what’s going on? How are you? Hey, I have a quick question about this”. He’s always there which speaks to who he is in the industry and what that means."

"I’ve known Mark for a couple years, but this is really the first time that I’ve had an opportunity to work with him and his team and our experience was really great! His team was really responsive and organized and help us reach our project goals and objectives."

"iComply helped us with several applications and in particular, one application was very onerous and iComply and Mark’s team were able to break it down for us and we were able to attack the project in a methodical way that we were able to turn around a finished work product that we were very happy with."

"iComply and their members conducted themselves in a very professional manner, even during stressful situations, And they were able to really come together as a collective team to further facilitate the project goals."

"As Legal Counsel, I have a lot of projects going on at the same time. And, for me, I was looking for a team of people that I could rely on and fully delegate this project to. I felt comfortable enough to allocate the project to iComply and we were able to meet the project deadlines with their help and assistance that we would not have otherwise been able to do without their help."

"iComply has assisted our Puerto Rico and our Florida companies in applications and in compliance. iComply has been an immense contribution both to the application process and to ensuring that all of the details are checked and crossed and that we comply with the rules and regulations of both of those markets. As an individual, Mark has gone way beyond what is called for on our contracts and has assisted both companies in what we’ve needed to get and keep our licenses."

"Mark is a gentleman and a scholar. He really knows how to talk to laypeople and explain how to resolve issues. The iComply training has been very, very good."

"The whole reason why we hired iComply is that when the government issues regulations or laws or anything in the regulated market, the most important thing that you can do is follow the rules and that’s what they are there for. iComply is always there to help us follow the rules and has been instrumental in making sure that we don’t lose our ability to continue our enterprise."

"I don’t think we would have gotten to where we are today unless we had iComply next to us. They’re without a doubt, very important to filing any applications that meet heavy standards. And, if it weren’t for iComply’s professionalism in handling situations and our ability to mention them to the government regulators as a part of our team to ensure our compliance, I think we would be at a very different place."

"Absolutely worth every penny. iComply not only makes sure that you comply and keep up with the regulations, but they are instrumental in making connections between companies to grow your business. It’s been an amazing venture where not only am I covering my compliance but also meeting very interesting parties in the industry as a result of the network built over so many years. The company has high-value clients all over, and we’ve extended our ability to make money So don’t just buy iComply as your compliance team. Think of it as your network amongst the cannabis industry."

"Work with Mark Slaugh and iComply because he and the company makes sure that you are successful."

"You don’t need to spend so much time with legal counsel. iComply has everything already prepared for you. They translate the regulations so that your staff can be well trained and spend time on everything. It just works. The whole package is incredible. I would recommend them to anyone."

"Mark is just incredible. He helped through the whole process, so from doing everything on our application all the way to flying in town and going through the competitive bid process with us with the boards and just spending a lot of time dissecting plans, our security plan, our whole dispensary layout, all of our standard operating procedures and everything. "

"Mark knows how to handle himself in front of a crowd in front of an audience in front of a board to pursue to present that we’re just extremely credible and doing this for all the right reasons. iComply is always there. They are readily accessible and available in anything that comes up with your staff - any compliance issues, anything that’s changing. They also open to being involved on the state level and helping draft some of the rules to make sure that everyone is compliant. The field is so highly scrutinized. "

"That’s why I sleep well at night having iComply on the team knowing that they’re always watching our back and completely involved to keep us fully above board."

"I would tell a dispensary that they absolutely need iComply. They cannot do it themselves. Even if you try to do it yourself and hire staff, it’s good to have that staff in place to work with iComply. No one should do this themselves. There are so many regulations and too many rules that are ever-changing, and there’s nothing more important than compliance. You need iComply on your team."

"I just love iComply’s passion for success. Mark is so proud to represent this industry, and it shows in everything he and his team does. I couldn’t be prouder to have them on my team. You should work with iComply because they are so passionate about what they do, and they will keep you fully compliant. iComply allows you to be able to sleep at night knowing your business is going to run correctly and smoothly."

"iComply definitely helps to make sure that your business is a bit more secure even without you being there."

"I work with Mark Slaugh and iComply because he knows what he's talking about. He's developed a very rigorous and detailed training course and compliance management program. iComply is very professional and makes sure that they hit all the fine points of the information that's necessary."

"Working with Mark has been a great experience. He is always prompt and very responsive when we ask him questions about compliance, rules and regulations. The team he sends into the field for trainings and audits in the store have been extremely useful."

"They're very detailed with great follow-through. iComply takes the time to answer all of our questions, and it's been a great benefit to our store to have the services provided by them."

"iComply is very clear, very concise. They have helped us muddle through the numerous rules or regulations that the marijuana enforcement division sends out. When we seek further clarity, they are very helpful with ensuring the right explanations and the follow-through."

"iComply takes the complex version of the rules and regulations and puts it into a much more simpler context that we can then follow and implement in the store to make sure that we're in compliance."

"Having iComply makes me feel like we are in compliance with all aspects of the rules. This is just such a difficult industry to ensure that you're compliant at all times. Mark and the iComply team have definitely brought me peace of mind in knowing that we are compliant and following the rules and regulations."

"As the rules and regulations change and new rules and regulations come about, iComply ensures we know about them so that we can implement them."

"When they're onsite and do their audits, they ensure we go over the rules and regulations that have changed, ask us if there are any questions, and verify that we are in compliance."

"It's definitely nice to know that somebody comes in to look at everything very meticulously. No matter what the regulators might be coming in to look for, we feel we have a strong foundation with how thoroughly iComply audits and checks everything in the store."

"When deciding to utilize the services of iComply, it's definitely something we thought about in terms of the cost per month and the justification of it. For the peace of mind, to know that we are compliant, to be ready for the MED, and to have those inspections done, it's worth every penny."

"Before we were utilizing iComply, the rules and regulations were definitely subject to one's interpretation. One person could read it and see something in the store and interpret it how they want."

"iComply has brought a foundation to our company with their professionalism, their knowledge of the rules and regulations, and what they should see when they come in, which has been tremendous."

"They have their checklist. They're going to go through it, they're going to be courteous, and they're going to ask questions. They're very even-keeled. I feel like we have a good rapport with them, so it's just been a good overall experience. Where it's not an argumentative situation--just that these are the rules and regulations. These are the facts."

"If people are willing to risk their licenses, brands, investments to violations and potentially being shut down, do they feel that confident? I would say they should even pay one time just to have iComply come in and do an audit, just to realize that there's more to the picture. It's a bigger scope. That's what iComply specializes in. That's why they're an asset to have in this industry."

"Trevor is undoubtedly one the most professional and knowledgeable people I have dealt with in this industry."

"Adding Taryn has been an enormous assist to the team. Very smart and knowledgeable about the industry and our business."

"We wouldn’t be operational without them. Thank you for providing us outstanding service!"