"I have a special relationship with iComply because they were our driving force and energy in helping us move forward once we found out that this industry was going legal here. It meant the world just knowing there was someone there that understood what it meant to guide you and help you and how to put it together."

"The most challenging thing for anyone is taking a step forward to tackle this industry because it is such a monster industry to tackle. You’ve got the federal government on the illegal side, then you’ve got the stateside regulations, and so iComply breaks that down in a very comprehensive way in their training courses and one-on-one. They were able to take a complicated issue and break it down in layman's terms."
"As we know, regulation is constantly changing and iComply understands those changes. They have intimate relations with the lawmakers to help someone like myself understand what it takes to make and apply any changes that take place."
"I’ve always felt very comfortable and very safe knowing that Mark is a smart guy. He understands what needs to take place in order to move through this complicated and challenging industry. He has definitely helped us maneuver ourselves at various stages, and I feel comfortable picking up the phone and going: “hey, what’s going on? How are you? Hey, I have a quick question about this”. He’s always there, which speaks to who he is in the industry and what that means."