Responsible Facility Training Programs


Essential certification delivers what workers need. In 2.5 to 3 hours, we cover industry compliance expectations in all the markets. Trainees receive an in-depth yet simple to understand training manual. At the end, a test determines certification status. Full facility certification is available. We send certificates for each trainee. For fully certified facilities, we send certification documents for each license number along with decals to proudly display that your compliance is iComply accredited, accepted, and approved.

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Comprehensive Compliance Training Programs

Compliance 101


A to Z Compliance training geared towards owners and management. This training has been designed with state-specfic rules and regulations and placed online for your convenience. This course includes 5-6 hours of self paced online training, a 200+ page training manual, and documented assessments.

This basic course covers all of the general rules and regulations regarding cannabis, and is online for your convenience. This course includes 2-5 hours of online training videos, and a certificate of completion.


Online Training Programs

Colorado Responsible Vendor Course:

Colorado Responsible Cultivation Course:

Colorado Responsible Manufacturing Course:

Colorado Comprehensive Compliance Course:

Compliance 101 "The Basics" Course:


  • “iComply, has done our compliance training for several years now. They offer a very comprehensive course that informs and makes all my staff very knowledgeable on the rules and regulations. iComply helps translate the regulatory code into something that’s a little bit more feasible for most of our staff members. The information is definitely relevant toward what is applicable to each of my staff members.”

  • “They’re very detailed with great follow-through. iComply takes the time to answer all of our questions, and it’s been a great benefit to our store to have the services provided by them.”