Compliance Education

Mitigate risk by training staff to ensure effective decision-making

Responsible Facility Training Programs

iComply offers online compliance training programs for the cannabis industry to help businesses stay up-to-date with state and federal regulations. These programs are designed to ensure that all staff are informed of their state-specific rules and regulations, enabling them to make compliant decisions on the job. The online training programs cover various topics, including state and local compliance, risk mitigation, quality assurance, employee safety and security, and more.

Our online training programs are easily accessible and flexible, allowing businesses to provide training to their employees at their own pace and on their own schedule. The programs are also designed to be engaging and interactive, incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, animations, and quizzes to keep learners engaged and help them retain information.

Responsible Vendor
The Responsible Vendor Training Program meets the state's training requirements for cannabis dispensary employees. The program covers various topics, including cannabis laws, industry regulations, product types and effects, ID verification, and customer conflict resolution.
responsible cultivation

The Responsible Cultivation Training Program equips individuals in the cannabis cultivation industry with knowledge and skills to ensure compliance with regulations and laws. The program covers various topics, including cannabis laws, cultivation techniques, pest management, and facility safety.

responsible manufacturing

The Responsible Manufacturing Training Program focuses on ensuring compliance with regulations and laws for individuals in the cannabis manufacturing industry. The program covers cannabis laws, good manufacturing practices, product safety and quality, labeling and packaging, and facility safety.

responsible Hospitality
The Responsible Hospitality Training Program discusses the regulations and requirements for licensed hospitality businesses, including marijuana hospitality businesses and retail marijuana hospitality and sales businesses. It covers topics such as the types of licenses, terms and definitions, hours of operation, general provisions, health and safety regulations, and operating within retail food establishments.

Comprehensive Compliance Training Programs

Compliance 101

Comprehensive Compliance

A to Z Compliance training geared towards owners and management. This training has been designed with state-specfic rules and regulations and placed online for your convenience. This course includes 5-6 hours of self paced online training, a 200+ page training manual, and documented assessments.

This basic course covers all of the general rules and regulations regarding cannabis and is online for your convenience. This course includes 2-5 hours of online training videos and a certificate of completion.
Compliance 101

Colorado Responsible
Vendor Course

Colorado RVT

Colorado Responsible
Cultivation Course

Colorado RVT

Colorado Responsible
Manufacturing Course

Colorado RMT

Colorado Comprehensive Compliance Course:

Compliance 101
"The Basics" Course: