2023 Tips for the New Year

January 13, 2023
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Happy New Year! A New Year means New Laws, Rules, and Regulations.

A lack of compliance is the number one reason for costly fines and license revocations. As one of the most regulated industries, it doesn’t take much to fall out of compliance. As the oldest and most experienced compliance company in the game, we have seen it all and have helped many businesses achieve operational success.

With over 10 years of helping business owners build and operate compliant cannabis businesses, we’ve conducted hundreds of audits, encountering and helping professionals like you to overcome a multitude of compliance related issues – many of which could have been avoided.

For a successful 2023, we wanted to share with our industry peers the following compliance best practices for your consideration as you tackle the latest in compliance challenges:

Cross Training: Whenever practical, cross-training employees ensures that there is never a gap in compliance. Licensed cannabis businesses often operate on slim margins and with limited staff. Having one person call out sick can create a compliance vulnerability if your staff isn’t properly trained. Cross-training them in duties and in compliance ensures consistent and compliant operations. Always document training according to up-to-date SOPs.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control: Compliance is critical to providing quality service and products. You can create quality benchmarks as part of your compliance checklist, for example, incorporating Good Manufacturing Practices and making that a part of your overall review process. Many state laws follow federal guidelines. And who wants inconsistent product quality affecting their brand value?

Up-To-Date Standard Operating Procedures: This is the one area where it’s easiest to slack; however, SOPs are your guiding documents for how all things operate and in keeping compliance with state regulations. SOPs should be updated every year and also 

with any changes in operational procedures (material changes), which is required by law in most states. We’re experts at reviewing SOPs to identify gaps in new rules, old procedures, and non-compliance.

Compliance Minded Management Team: Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of running a compliant, licensed cannabis business is having a management team well-versed in state rules. This ensures a smoother operation and less confusion over responsibilities which can lead to serious compliance gaps.

Don’t let compliance related issues be your downfall or cost you more than it takes in prevention. Running a cannabis business in a new and developing industry brings with it a lot of constant changes and moving parts. Having in place a solid compliance plan and a well-trained staff is your key to operational success and we’re here to help with all the nitty gritty details.